04 Dec 2019

If you’ve been a Glass and Glazing Contractor for long, you know that the characteristics, allowances, and limitations of Flat Glass isn’t always clear and straightforward, especially when it comes to tints, patterns, and edge color. 

In our last post, we learned about the intentional variances of our Flemish Glass, and today we want to share some important information about our popular low-iron, ultra-clear glass – Starphire. 

Starphire Characteristics – Edge Color 

An important fact to remember when it comes to glass is the edge color gradually changes according to the length of the glass. In addition to getting darker as it gets longer, edge color may also be affected by other factors, such as the amount of ambient lighting or the way a shaped edge is contoured. 

Please use the below chart as a demonstration of color variances when looking at the edge of Starphire or Clear glass. As you can see, the natural luster of the edge is determined by the length of the glass. 

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