When Tom Holman III and Robert Varela began Dallas Flat Glass Distributors (DFGD) in July of 2000, their purpose was to fill a gap. They knew the glass industry needed a company that would prioritize their customers and deliver what they promised with exceptional customer service. That became the founding principle for their company.

Growing from a two-man shop, to over 200 employees today, Tom and Robert know they wouldn’t be here without loyal customers. Striving for excellence may have started with customer service, but it has spread into every other aspect of the business. When you look at our list of Corporate Values, you’ll see that it was created with one goal in mind: to exceed the expectations of our customers in quality and service.

Despite pandemics and the ups and downs of the general economy, our company continues to grow. We are always looking for like-minded people who are a cut above the rest to add to our team of professionals. If that’s you, we invite you to explore our company further through this website and submit your application when you’re ready to help fill the gap.

“Aspire greatly; anything less than a commitment to excellence becomes an acceptance of mediocrity.” – Brian Tracy


Glass Service Representative


Data Entry

Corporate Values


Teamwork means that people will be intentionally cooperative to find unity with other members on the team, using their individual skills to help customers and other team members with important tasks while providing positive and constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict between individuals. Teamwork is selfless effort that focuses on the end goal of the company.

Personal Excellence

A quality-driven work ethic that persists until the job is done.


Using kindness and respect to honor others – not because they are honorable, but because we are.


Be approachable and engage in positive dialogue that keeps the team informed of jobs well done, and when jobs could be done better. If no one is told, then no one knows. Help keep everyone “In the Know.”


Be Dependable, Reliable, and Punctual.


What you do when people are watching is just as important as what you do when no one else is there.

Personal Development

If you’re not consistently growing on a personal level, or investing in others, then those around you won’t be able to experience the best you have to offer.

End Goal

To Exceed the Expectations of our Customers