04 Dec 2019

If you’ve been a Glass and Glazing Contractor for long, you know that the characteristics, allowances, and limitations of Flat Glass isn’t always clear and straightforward, especially when it comes to tints, patterns, and edge color. 

In our last post, we learned about the intentional variances of our Flemish Glass, and today we want to share some important information about our popular low-iron, ultra-clear glass – Starphire. 

Starphire Characteristics – Edge Color 

An important fact to remember when it comes to glass is the edge color gradually changes according to the length of the glass. In addition to getting darker as it gets longer, edge color may also be affected by other factors, such as the amount of ambient lighting or the way a shaped edge is contoured. 

Please use the below chart as a demonstration of color variances when looking at the edge of Starphire or Clear glass. As you can see, the natural luster of the edge is determined by the length of the glass. 

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20 Nov 2019

Here at Dallas Flat Glass Distributors, we are constantly evaluating our processes and systems, upgrading equipment, improving programs, and working hard to be your one-stop-shop for all your flat glass needs. In doing so, we also work hard at being industry experts by adding accurate and relevant information to our knowledge base – and yours – which today includes the varying intricacies of our Flemish glass. 

Glass Characteristics of Flemish

As one of the most popular textured/patterned glasses we provide, there are a few characteristics you need to be aware of when requesting this glass type. In addition to its smooth waves, Flemish glass is manufactured to have minute blemishes or imperfections as inherent characteristics of the intended pattern as noted in the below excerpt by its manufacturer, NSG-Pilkington. 

“In general, Pilkington Flemish may contain minute surface blemishes or imperfections which are an intrinsic part of the intended pattern and effect. Pilkington makes every effort to ensure the surface is protected by an application of “Prosurf” – a liquid barrier that is applied during manufacturing. The product is then paper-interleaved to prevent plate-on-plate transit rub.”

It is important to note that when the glass is tempered, the heating process will potentially make these characteristics more prominent, which could take the form of streaks or lines throughout the glass. 

Examples of these characteristics are circled below:








If you need a sample of Flemish (annealed), we have 5” x 5” samples available for you (our valued customers) in our Shipping and Receiving area.  Please remember that we are not a retail outlet and not equipped to handle the general public (aka, your customers), so please pick up samples to have available for your clients who request them. 

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21 Jan 2019

It’s no surprise as we reach the next decade, that more modern design elements are desired by
both residential and commercial clients. The large windows and minimal framing have been
popular for the last few years are evolving with contrasting framing and tinted glass.

Dark glass for residential applications is steadily gaining traction, as well as dark frames. This
eliminates the need for screens, which are quickly falling out of favor with homeowners. These
dark frames and windows can look great in both modern and traditional homes.

The start of the New Year brings with it some new evolutions in the glass industry and Dallas
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