03 Nov 2016


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Have you ever wondered, what is glass? Is it a solid, or a liquid? This question has perplexed our industry for years. ASTM (C162) defines glass as:

an inorganic product of fusion that has cooled to a rigid condition without crystallization.

It is a common old-wives-tale that the reason glass is thicker at the bottom in very old churches is because it is a liquid and over hundreds of years, gravity has pulled it down. This statement is actually false! The wider base was a technique used by very early manufactures to provide more stability in older buildings.

The definition of a solid in this case has to do with the molecular structure. While glass has many repeating patterns in its “DNA”, it is not uniform. Because of this characteristic it it is referred to as an amorphous solid.

So, is glass a liquid or solid? The answer is, yes! Depending on the stage, temperature, and composition it can be both.



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